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Designed for easy assembly and reliable functionality.
Uncompromising brightness and visual power.


We make incredible looking visual displays for client’s businesses


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With its modular design and simple assembly, getting your message out with STAX is faster than with most of our competitors. Our central location in Wichita, KS, allows for quick deliveries and service at lower costs.



As digital signs have become a more successful advertising medium, the Tulsa-based Arby’s franchise group, RB American Group, saw an opportunity to blend their on-premise sign locations and corporate marketing effort. By combining their advertising sales expertise and a strong operational backbone, RB American Group has created a network of displays that allows their home office and Project Content to control their message across seven states and 25 stores.

The unique challenge in creating and managing this consortium of properties was to standardize operating procedures and ad scheduling across a multitude of hardware and software offerings. RB American Group partnered further with Project Content to install all 25 displays on their network to a standardized operating platform. Project Content provides monitoring, support of software, and manages complex schedules.


Don Hattan is an established automotive dealer in south Central Kansas. With multiple location and an excellent brand, the company was not in need of a sign facelift, but sought to upgrade their advertising efficiency with adding full color digital to their locations. The Ford of Augusta location faced a unique challenge with property lines, easements, and sign location that was met with challenges and obstacles from other local sign companies.

Next worked with a local sign company to determine the best design method, engineering, and gameplan to execute a phenomenal on premise digital billboard that would tilt their advertising spend positively and increase their frequency of messaging to daily passing traffic on one of the busiest highways in the state.


Southfork Developers knew there was excellent traffic along their main frontage road and entrance. They sought a double sided monument sign with a digital display that would allow them to advertise to the 30,000+ vehicles that passed their development daily. During consultation Next learned of a third direction of traffic coming off the nearby interstate highway. The intersection  brought additional traffic on to the frontage road directly perpendicular to the development’s entrance.

The final monument sign design incorporated a unique solution of hardware and software that allowed for the monument sign to place digital on the spine of the sign to improve the signs CPM and advertise to a captive audience that is often stopped at a traffic stop coming off the highway. Southfork chose 16mm digital displays for the sides facing the frontage road and a 10mm digital display for the spine to increase the quality of the display facing the closer stopped traffic.


The Greater YMCA of Wichita is one of the preeminent associations in the United States. Fueled by excellent volunteer and donation support, they have built excellent facilities that capture different elements of their community. The association and their architects have chosen to make each branch across the community different. At two of the locations they chose to utilize digital signage to enhance the entrance and lobby’s while providing additional value to the guests with communication and live television. The downtown branch installed a 2.4mm 16′ wide x 9′ tall HD LED Screen to maximize the use of their lobby. The branch regularly shows live sporting events, advertising communications, and even performs large group fitness activities with the use of the technology.

The Wichita State University branch installed a 2mm 10′ tall x 4′ wide triangular column three sided digital display that allowed for multiple zones of content giving the branch the ability to split the display into live television and advertising zones to capture their guests attention at different height levels in the lobby. Next assisted the architects with engineering, design, and correct sign installation methods to ensure productive and effective installations.

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Approximate size in feet:


Digital signs are perfect for monument signs, in new or retrofit installations, of all sizes. Stax can be installed with minimal heavy equipment and provides flexibility for the sign company and customer.


Approximate size in feet:


Digital Signs are perfect for pylon signs, new or retrofit installation, of all heights and sizes. Both products server On-premise commercial sign and off premise digital billboards very well.


Approximate size in feet:

Wall Sign

Digital Signs can be great additions to your sign package as wall signs, new or retrofit installation, of all sizes. They can be installed with minimal heavy equipment and provides flexibility for the sign company and customer.


Approximate size in feet:


NEXT digital billboards use the same hardened and engineered technology as our commercial displays and provide exceptional value for independent billboard owner and operators. NEXT can provide full turnkey installation services including but not limited to engineering, structure fabrication, installation, and long term service contracts.


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