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Thank you for your business and trust over the past 10 years. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your customers. Every day we try to brighten the human experience one sign and business at a time. Our work supporting dealers and distributors as they help their customers make an impact is one of our proudest accomplishments.

It is in this spirit and pride that we share our latest achievement — a new name and fresh brand identity. We are now simply NEXT, a brand that not only represents what we’ve been doing, but also the direction of our business going forward. Our vision is to connect people through the latest in digital messaging and reach them with a human touch in a world that is increasingly replacing that touch with computer automation and AI.

We know it takes more than just plugging in a digital display to create that human connection. It takes creating content that resonates and is impactful. It takes being available to answer your questions and resolve issues. It takes doing what we say we will do. While that’s always been our mid-west mantra, we are simplifying our ways to bring our customers better value and service. It’s how we are taking our efforts to the NEXT level.

“We are committed to small businesses and the products we sell.”